At The Torch, we are dedicated to teaching your children the love of Christ in an environment designated specifically for them. TorchKids provides a live worship experience, fun and engaging skit lessons along with videos, and an opportunity during service for a response and prayer. We also give children the opportunity for our children to share and celebrate what God is doing in their lives.

In the changing world that we live, we understand that security is always in the forefront of everyone’s mind. In all our children’s areas, we have trained security, a strict check-in and check-out system, and in some areas there are hidden security cameras monitoring ministry areas. You can feel safe leaving your children with volunteers who have had strict background checks and have your child’s safety in mind.

When you come to check in your child for the first time, we will ask that you give us information that will ensure your child only is allowed to leave with designated parents, guardians, friends or family members. We also need to know if your child has specific allergies or special needs to make sure your child has an amazing TorchKids experience.

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We would love for your family to join us at one of our campus locations this weekend.


Checking In

We suggest arriving 20 minutes early in order to check in your child and make it to the service on time.

There is a first-time check in station in our main lobby. We will ask for the following personal information: family members' names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your child.

First time visiting? Click on the link below to “Plan Your Visit” with our Connections team!

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TorchKids, Jr.
Birth - Kindergarten

You little one will LOVE TorchKids, Junior! Age appropriate curriculum makes for an exciting experience of Bible action songs and skits in their own sanctuary in the Pre-School Pod area.

First - Fifth Grade

“An awesome Jesus Party” is how one of our TorchKids describes service. We provide a particularly worship experience for elementary students to love on God in their own themed sanctuary. From fun welcome games, making connections with other kids in small groups, to Bible verse memorizing and an interactive live lesson every week. TorchKids puts God first to start their week off right!

Resources for Parents

Get information about water baptism and baby dedication.

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