about us

our vision

At the Torch our vision is simple. We've broken it down into three parts so you can see where our heart and priorities lie.


To reach an ever-increasing number of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

How we do this: Sunday morning worship experiences

heal hurts

To develop need-based ministries that reach out to our attendees and community.

How we do this: Weekly and monthly small groups


To move attendees to discipleship through Connectedness, Spiritual Maturity, & Participation in Ministry.

How we do this: Dream Team

our core values

We reach to real and/or felt needs of individuals. Programs will be devleoped to meet needs but will not be the centerpiece of our mission. we will put people first and the organization second. We choose to be servants, loving everyone in the midst of their dilemmas of life. We are seeking Spirit-led and innovative ministry at all times.

We embrace those who attend the torch as individuals through whom God desires to minister. The staff's purpose is enabling and equipping saints to do ministry. The staff will serve the body and constantly look for opportunities to equip our members to involve themselves in ministry.

Dialogue with God is the focal point of developing communion as well as building an intimate relationship with Him. Communion with God is the means to interact with the power and presence of God. Since we cannot survive on human ingenuity, we must seek the Father for His power, annointing, and presence in our everyday lives. Therefore, prayer is absolutely essential.

We attempt to maintain music that is current with our culture. We utilize multiple connection points in both worship and the delivery of the Word. Drama, multi-media, visuals, worship teams, and props are utilized to engage people. We encourage and facilitate participatory worship.

We will be a Bible-focused organization. We believe in Scripture as the never-changing, perfect, divinely inspired Word of God. As such, it will never fail as our operations manual. Therefore, we choose to be clearly Biblical in our orientation. We intend to lead individuals to a deeper walk with the Lord as we declare the Word of God.

We can do nothing of lasting value without Him. Yet, as he operates among us through the flow of His gifts, lives are changed and transformed by grace.